ERP solution
Streamline Your Business with Telesom's ERP Solution
Designed to optimize your business operations by providing a centralized platform that integrates and automates key functions. Say goodbye to manual processes and data silos.
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Modules of Telesom's ERP system
Effectively manage customer data, track leads, and nurture relationships through personalized communication
Enhance customer loyalty, increase sales, and gain insights into customer preferences, ultimately driving business growth.
Human Resources
Simplify human resource management with Telesom's ERP solution.
You can efficiently manage employee records, automate payroll calculations, track leaves and attendance, and ensure compliance with labor regulations. This feature empowers you to focus on your workforce, driving employee satisfaction and enhancing your HR processes.
Supply Chain
Optimizing inventory control and ensuring efficient supply chain operations
Streamline procurement, manage suppliers, monitor inventory levels, and reduce excess stock. Achieve cost savings and meet customer demand with precision, strengthening your supply chain's resilience.
Accounting & Finance
Manage financial transactions, reporting, and budgeting with ease using our ERP solution.
You can streamline the accounting process, handle financial reporting efficiently, and create and manage budgets. This feature provides you with the financial insights and control necessary for sustainable business growth.
Track sales performance, analyze customer behavior, and optimize marketing campaigns.
Our ERP empowers you to increase sales, target the right audience, and achieve marketing ROI, ensuring your business reaches its full potential.
Maintain compliance and transparency with advanced auditing Features in our ERP solution.
This feature enables you to track changes in data, monitor user activities, and ensure data integrity. With these audit capabilities, you can meet regulatory requirements, protect your business from fraud, and instill trust in your stakeholders.
key features
Why Choose Telesom's Cloud Services?
Accessible Anytime,
& Flexible
Comprehensive backup &
recovery solutions.
Robust security &
encryption protocols
Flexible Pricing to Meet Your Needs
At Telesom, we understand that every business is unique, and so are its requirements. That's why our ERP solutions offer flexible pricing options, allowing you to tailor your investment to match the features you need.
+ $20 installation
You can select the specific modules that best suit your needs. This approach ensures that you only pay for the functionality that improves your operations.
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Customized Packages
+ $100 installation
For businesses that require a more customized and robust communication solution, our four-digit short codes are the ideal choice
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Seamless Implementation
Our expert team at Telesom ensures a smooth and efficient ERP implementation tailored to your business needs. We provide training and support to get your operations up and running quickly.
use cases
Designed to serve a wide range of industries
Optimize production processes, manage resources, and reduce costs.
Enhance customer service, inventory management, and sales forecasting.
Improve patient care, billing, and compliance with healthcare regulations.
Streamline administrative tasks, from admissions to student records.
Manage financial transactions, budgeting, and reporting with ease.
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