Shaafi. Get the support and guidance you need during your pregnancy journey with Shaafi
Dial 119 from your mobile or your home phone line. From there, you'll be able to select from various programs that can help you understand your current condition.
How to?
Dial 119
For the Health of Mother and Child
Advice from real doctors
Receive daily advice from recorded professional doctors on both prenatal and postnatal care.
Comprehensive Programs
Choose from a variety of programs covering maternal care during pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn care.
Nutritional Guidance
Receive recommendations for nutritious foods essential for your health and the development of your baby.
Healthy and happy experience for you and your baby.
Prenatal Care
Explore programs focusing on maternal care during pregnancy, covering various aspects of health and wellness.
Prepare for childbirth with specialized programs offering guidance and support during labor and delivery.
Learn essential tips and techniques for newborn care, ensuring the well-being of your baby from the very beginning.
Stay informed
We believe that every woman should have access to quality prenatal care, which is why our service is completely free. This service is exclusively for the use of pregnant women.
Dial 119
Shaafi App
Shaafi is a platform that allows medical professionals to give online consultations and medications. It gives the patients the opportunity to get consultations from expert doctors at their convenient time and place and provides daily
How it works
To set up this service, all you need to do is dial 119 from your mobile or your home phone line.
There are no additional charges associated with the setup process.
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